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All Ireland League

All Ireland League


The content of this page is primarily for the use of members of the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees (USRFR: The Society).

This area relates to the administration and support for society members whilst involved in domestic All Ireland League male rugby.

As of the 2018-19 season Ulster has 12 teams across the 5 All Ireland League divisions.  There is a duty upon the Society to supply match officials to support appointed national panel referees at these fixtures as well as touch judges for home matches at Ulster clubs.

AIL Referee Card 2018-19

AIL Regulations 2018-19

Referee Sending Off Form

Generic Regulations Aid for Referees

Referees are reminded should you have a red card during your match please text or call Kevin Beggs on the following number 0035387 6167461 straight after the final whistle.

Details of rolling subs and extra time protocol for the 2018-19 All Ireland Junior Cup can be found below.  Five replacements are permitted as per the AIL and these are rolling subs.  There must be cover for the first time a prop is required and the first time a hooker is required.

Each club shall receive replacement cards for the 4th official to use when subs are being used.  Please ensure the attached 4th official form is used when recording substitutes/replacements.

If the match ends in a draw after 80 minutes:

(i)   If clubs are tied at full time, extra time of 10 minutes each way shall be played.
(ii)  If still tied, the club which has scored most tries shall be the winner.
(iii) If still tied, the away team shall be declared the winner.

First round fixtures are:

Rolling Subs Form

Rolling Subs process 2018-19

For help in location of clubs, view the Club Location Finder.

For help in the contacting of clubs, view our List of Club Contacts.

The reporting of discipline offences in AIL fixtures is the responsibility of the match referee and you will take guidance from him on what input he requires of you during the match at the pre-match instructions meeting.

Referees reporting card

Red card report advice:  if you have a sending off in a UBL match, or any other IRFU appointed fixture, you must inform Gordon Black on the day of the match.  In addition, it is imperative that all Red Card reports are with Gordon by 10.00am latest on the Monday following a UBL match to enable disciplinary hearings be organised.

There is NO Head Injury Assessment (HIA) in domestic rugby. For guidance in suspected concussion management of a player, view the IRFU Concussion Guide, and the IRFU’s Concussion Advice for Referees.

Concussion reporting by referees specifically for the All Ireland League is via the following link:


At times of significant weather events it may be required to make a timely judgement if a ground shall be fit to be played upon.

Network of independent pitch assessors

AIL referees use a reporting link to record centrally the incidents of potential concussion and it may be actioned by the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HWX3D92

If you have a sending off in an UBL match, or any other IRFU appointed fixture, you must inform Gordon Black on the day of the match.

Clarification from IRFU on front row replacements:

Front Row Cover

Team sheets are required for all fixtures.

You may review the Playing Enclosure Regulation at point 9.22.