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The content of this page is primarily for the use of members of the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees (USRFR: The Society).

This area relates to the administration and support for society members whilst involved in the Branch Developmental Rugby Program.

The IRFU Ulster Branch Developmental Rugby Program aims to introduce the game and encourage participation across the widest possible range of players in the Province.

Guidance for referees on the rules & regulations of the various versions of the game can be found under Competition Principles below.

Cross Field Sevens (X7) regulations and amended laws may be viewed here:

Cross Field Sevens

An explanation of the guiding principles around Adult Age Grade, sometimes called 20 Plus, may be viewed here:

Adult Age Grade (20s)

Sunday Blitzes will, in general, follow the established and familiar principles of play, not withstanding our comments around participation in play rather than perfection of performance.

Contact information for IRFU’s Tag Rugby program can be found here:

IRFU Tag Rugby

The generic Regulations Aid for referees may be viewed here:

Regulations Aid for referees

For help in location of clubs, view the Club Location Finder.

For help in the contacting of clubs, see below:

List of Club Contacts

Yellow card reports are made via email to the Branch detailing Club, player name (as from team sheet), and type of offence, i.e. Foul play (punch, strike, dangerous) OR Technical (other than foul play): jill.mccullough@ulsterrugby.com

Red card report advice may be viewed by following the link to the DISCIPLINE section.

There is NO Head Injury Assessment (HIA) in domestic rugby.

For guidance in suspected concussion management of a player, view the IRFU Concussion Guide, and the IRFU’s Concussion Advice for Referees.

All significant injuries which may be defined as “in need of hospital treatment” (which includes suspected concussion), must be reported directly by the referee to the branch to ensure player welfare matters. The only details required for this from the referee will be Club, Player name and injury type, e.g. suspected broken ankle/suspected concussion. It is the club’s responsibility to complete and return the more comprehensive branch report form to jill.mccullough@ulsterrugby.com

In addition, if a match official has been forced to use Law 3.10 to ensure a player’s welfare by his removal, the referee should report the matter to the Hon. Sec. of the Society, detailing club, player name and level/type of reluctance to comply with directive: hon.sec.usrfr@gmail.com

Team sheets are required for all fixtures.

To view advice and regulation requirements click here