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The content of this page is primarily for the use of members of the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees (USRFR: The Society).

This area relates to the administration and support for society members whilst involved in Professional rugby.

USRFR provides officials for all levels of the professional game including: Referees; Assistant Referees; Pitchside Assistants (Nos.4,5,6); Television Match Officials; Citing Commissioners and Official Timekeepers.

Opportunities exist for our members to progress and be involved in professional matches at Kingspan Stadium and beyond.

Relevant documents are available below:

Competition Rules for the new 2018-19 Celtic Cup, including various protocols, are available here:

Celtic Cup Regulations

Officials are reminded that Head Injury Assessment (HIA) protocols apply in this competition (see Section 11 of the above regulations).

Further documentation can be found here:

Assistant Referees Temporary Suspension Report

Assistant Referees Ordering Off Report

Fourth Officials Form

Referees Temporary Suspension Report

Referees Ordering Off Report

Substitution Form

Guidance for officials participating in European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) is available here:

EPCR Match Officials Booklet (2018-19)

Further documentation can be found here:

EPCR Substitution Form 2018-19

EPCR Match Time-Keepers Instructions

EPCR 4th & 5th Officials’ Role (2018-19)

Extra Time Protocol (2018-19)

HIA Substitution Cards

Technical Zone Protocol

Further Information on how to become a referee can be found here