Fitness Education

Chris Henry

Fitness benefits on athletic performance are well documented and have a long-standing place in rugby.


While the area of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) has become a key feature in the professional game, there is still room for improvement within the club and school game.

Ulster Rugby, has identified the need for continual growth in this area and will focus will be on the following key areas:

  • Development of Fitness Coaches – based on a mentoring and educational framework.
  • Development of a progressive fitness curriculum for all ages and abilities.
  • Development of age appropriate regional S&C facilities.
  • Provide opportunities for players to become active within a safe, structured and supervised fitness environment.
  • Enhancing player welfare through a positive approach to health + wellbeing
  • Widening access to rugby – use the medium of integrated fitness to ignite an interest in the game.
  • Click here to download Ulster Rugby’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy document.


The Ulster Rugby Fitness Education Department has developed an online resource, which includes number of pilot fitness videos aimed at Stage 1 and Stage 2 coaches.

Click here to visit the Ulster Rugby Fitness Education YouTube page.


IRFU Certified Conditioning Course (CCC)
The CCC is a practical hands-on course where you will see and practice the many strength and conditioning drills and exercises that are appropriate for the physical preparation of rugby players at all levels.

For more information, please contact:

CHRIS SHIELDS (Projects Manager)